Choose from the session options below. At your session, you can decide if you would like a bit more of a formal, posed gallery, or if you would like a casual, candid look; or a combination of both!
To book a session, find the 'contact' page and enter your name, email address, and which session you would like to book. In the message section, include the number of people (with the exception of pet portraits), locations, and outfit changes. I will respond within 24 hours with available dates.
Classic Portrait Session
A Classic Portrait Session includes up to one hour for $50.00 and 20-30 photos edited to your liking. Prior to shooting, we can discuss the editing style of the photos as seen above. This session includes one location with up to two outfit changes, and for groups of 5 or less.
Black and White Studio Portrait Session
A Black and White Studio Portrait Session includes up to 30 minutes for $40.00, and 5-10 edited black and white images as well as their color copies. Generally, these would include several smiling/laughing photos, several slight smile photos, and a couple of still-faced photos. 
*At the time of booking, we can discuss location of studio set up details.

Group Extended portrait session
A Group Extended Portrait Session will be up to an hour and thirty minutes for $50.00 and 20+ photos with their black and white copies. This session is for groups or families of 6 or more. This session includes up to 2 locations.

Pet Portraits
A Pet Portrait Session will be up to one hour for $35.00 and 20+ photos with the black and white copies. The session is for one pet and one location, wherever you think suits your pet best - the woods, park...couch...your choice!
A basic headshot session will be up to 30 minutes for $40.00 and 5-10 photos with their black and white copies. This session is for one person. One location is included and up to two outfit changes.
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